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Welcome to this page.

I have 400 + recipes and I have blogged for 3 years. Below are feedback from readers. Thank you readers and friends for all your support and appreciation. Below are some of the comments for the recipes which I got from readers through mail. I have attached link to the recipe titles just click the title, it will take you to the recipe page. If you try any of my recipe, mail me. I will share it in this page.

Mail Me –

Hi Gayathri,

This is Subashini from Australia. I am a regular visitor to your website. I have tried lot of recipes like kuska biryani, coconut burfi, kandharappam, eggless vanilla cake, naan and vendhaya kuzhambu. Keep up the good work. Thanks


I am Aruna from Delhi. Very nice blog with lot of healthy recipes. I am new to baking and I tried your eggless chocolate cake, blueberry muffins and wheat bread from your blog. I followed your exact measurements and outcome was perfect and yumm. Thank you so much Gayathri.

Dear Gayathri,

My name is Rohini from England. I stumbleupon your blog through google. I tried many chutney recipes from your website, they tastes so good with idly and dosa. I want to appreciate your photography, by looking your food photo itself makes me hungry. Wishing you more success. Thanks.

Dear Foodybuddy Gayathri,

This is Shwetha Gupta from US. Love your website and photography. I am newly married , your website helps me a lot, whatever I try, it comes out so good. Keep up your good work. Thanks.

Hi Gayathri

I had recently gone through your  foody buddy blog..I really wana appreciate your effort and hard work you put for this amazing blog. I am recently moved to South Africa for my research… And I am learner in cooking…I find your blog is very useful for me..

Keep up your hard work!!!!



Capsicum Corn Rice 

  • Excellent dish and everyone should try at least once – Prem, Chennai
  • It was delicious my kids loved it alot.thanx for uploading such a gud recipe – NusrathFathima.

Chole Bhatura

  • Hi Gayathri. I am bachelor, living in Canada. I tried your bhatura recipe for sunday breakfast. All my friends loved it.Thanks – Sanjay

Restaurant Style Rava Dosa

  • Dear Gayathri, This is the very best rava dosa recipe which I ever tried. So good and crispy. My entire family loved it. All the best –  Kirthika
  • Tried it today. Perfect measurements, dosa came out so good. My little one loved it with tomato chutney – Sankari

Oats Paniyaram

  • Turned out so good. easy to cook . best 4 brunch and lunch box- Elizabeth

Pepper Cumin Rice

  • Love all your recipes Gayathri. I tried your pepper cumin rice and I served with potato chips and  boiled eggs, they are great and yummy. Thanks –  Suresh kamal and Devi

Mushroom Biryani

  • Thanks Gayathri.It was the best biryani I made in my life – Priya, Tiruppur
  • Very flavorful biryani, I made it for my guest. Everyone loved it. I refered your website too. Thanks – Shalini

Mixed Vegetable Biryani

  • So many flavours and plenty of goodness. Lovely to present to any table. I would be very happy to show off a lovely platter like this to my guests too. This is a lovely website and just full of wonderful foods to try. I am delighted with it – Rebaecca

Kurma without vegetable

  • awesome really better than the restaurant ones .Thanks for sharing—Kirthi Agarwal

Mullu Murukku

  • Umm… Yummy and I made it yesterday for evening snack, my kids loved it and they finished everything. I didnt get even one—Yazhini Prakash

Whole Wheat Bagels

  • Fantastic.Took me a lot of time to make it but came out well.Loved the idea of substituting wheat flour. 🙂 —Divya

Wheat Sandwich Bread

  • Superb.Came out very well with clear instructions.Do include more whole wheat bread recipes – Dorothy

Tirunelveli Sodhi

  • This dish is way away from the usual spicy dishes that Indians are used too. I like this dish very much and is pretty regular in our home- Saran Dilip

Mushroom Potato Fry

  • I made this for curd rice, they are so tasty- Kannan, virudhanagar.

Coconut Milk Biryani

  • Came out pretty good, just follow the exact ingredients – Sathya

Potato Kurma

  • When I was searching for kurma recipe in google, I saw your potato kurma recipe, made it today for chapathi very easy to make, so tasty-  Anu, Madurai


  • wooooow it was delicious…….we like it very much – Mythili
  • Tried it and was awesome –  Jacintha
  • Tried your rasagulla recipe. It came out so good and delish !!!- Nasrinshaikh


Aloe vera Juice

  • Really nice drink and healhty. Worth trying !!! – Abhilasha


Garlic Pickle

  • Tastes like store bought garlic pickle. Really yummy in taste – Ashwini

Milk Powder Gulab Jamun

  • Loved it till the last bite – Madhavi

Kuska Biryani

  • Tried it and my husband just loved it! Truly delicious, just out of the world – Nalini


  • Super..We tried it, everyone in my home liked it..tastes like patti adhirasam – Rama Narayanan

Poha Vada

  • Poha Vada tried by Caroline Martis Radhakrishnan. She Said it was a big hit in her house.
  • Awesome and delicious in taste..We tried it for evening snack for kids – Shwetha
  • try it for first time. .omg it turned out to be so delicious-  Sumitha
  • So good came out, very well. Thanks can you suggest me, what should I do to avoid so much of oil absorption – Poorni

Kaju Katli

  • My favourite sweet. I don’t have kaju so I used almonds instead of kaju followed your method. Came out so nice – Aparna

Peanut curry

  • Peanut Curry tried by Rupa Acharya. She said she liked the soy sauce in the peanut curry & she used dark sesame oil for strong punch

Vegetable Curry Cooked In Coconut Milk

  • easy, quick and very tasty… I used different veggies but im sure its good with all types of veggiesss :)Thanks for the recipe – Jayashree

Palak Pulav

  • finger licking , simply yummy pulao. Thanks – Manju
  • I tried adding onion and ginger garlic paste…it turned out to be yummm…and a super hit for my daughter s birthday. ..thankyou – Fathima

Chapathi Noodles

  • Nice and innovative dish, made it for breakfast, my inlaws loved it- Preethi

Mutter Panner

  • fantastic recipe… tried yesterday came out well.. got appreciation from my in laws – Sujatha
  • First class mutter panner, tastes fantastic. Thank you – Meenakshi Sundar

Ragi Almond Ladoo

  • Tried it for time..Awesome and great – Vidhya

Diamond Crackers

  • Best, delicious Snacks. Tastes really great with hot cup of tea- Moumitha
  • Made it for diwali. Fabulous is the one word for the outcome – Vimal

Corn Capsicum curry

  • Came out quite well. I also added some potatoes though – Medhamittal.

Ulundhu Kali

  • exactly a very traditional dish from Tamilnadu, i remember this being given by my granny to my sisters when they attended puberty. For normal people they add half cup rice to 1 cup urad dal and fillo the rest of the procedures as such. very healthy. but off late people started replacing palm jaggery with normal jaggery and sugar which is not advisable though. Appreciate you for presenting the traditional recipe as such. –  Lakshmi

ABC detox nutri juice

  • very fresh and quick. perfect for weightwatchers … tried it.result was awesome i didnt use sugar but. natural sweetness is better


Drumstick Leaves Adai –

  • Tastes just like my moms adai. very nice n easy and its very healthy – Vaishnavi

Dal Makhani

  • Awesome..Thanks for the delicious recipe – Sandeep
  • Everyone at home, loved it. Thanks – Gouthami

Gajar ka halwa

  • simple awesome so simple easy way to cook halwa- anand

Keerai Kootu

  • Quite easy kootu recipe, just yumm with appalam. Tried many of your got nice blog. Thanks –  Aishwarya


  1. Sara says:

    Vendhaya kuzhambu recipe looks delicious.. I’ve tasted this with added coconut milk & it was yummy. Can I add 1/2 to 1 cup of thick coconut milk to your recipe?

    • Gayathri Ramanan says:

      That’s a great idea sara…I think coconut milk would bring nice and rich flavor to vendhaya kulambu and suppress the bitter taste of vendhayam….But I haven’t tried before…If you try, try with 1/2 cup and let me know how it taste…

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