Pinto Beans Curry – Indian Style

          I love Pinto Beans !!!!Pinto beans is famously used in Refried Beans in Mexico. This beans is widely consumed in Mexico and US. This recipe has been modified to suit South Indian taste buds. This dish is really flavourful when you serve it with rice. It’s cheap source of complete protein. So you can prepare this Healthy food with less time.Great side dish for rasam rice.


        1 Cup or 1 Can of Boiled Pinto Beans
        2 Red Chillies
        2 Tsp of Cumin
        1/4 Cup of Coconut
        2 Tbsp of Oil
        Salt as needed


  •  If you are using raw pinto beans, cook them in a pressure cooker or boil them until soft. Be sure to add 1 tsp salt.
  •  Heat oil in a pan, Once hot, add the cumin seeds. When they begin to sizzle, add red chillies. Wait till red chillies changes into dark brown colour.
  •  Now add the cooked pinto beans. Cook on high flame and let it come to a boil for about 5-7 minutes. Add required salt.
  •  Add the coconut and Mix well. Cook for 2 mins and turn off the stove.
  •  Garnish with coriander . you’re good to go:)          
  •  Transfer to the serving bowl and enjoy with rasam rice! 

  Basic Information 

      Prep Time : 5 mins
      Cook Time: 10-12 mins
      Serves : 2 People


  •  Careful while adding salt because canned pinto beans has salt in it.
  •  Allow the cumin to splutter, as it gives rich aroma
  •  You can do the same dish with Rajma or any other beans
  •  You can cook pinto beans in a pressure cooker as well as in a pan, though the former way is faster.        

 Health Benefits of Pinto Beans

  • Pinto beans, like most of the other beans, are rich in fibers that are known for lowering cholesterol.
  • This beans are rich in molybdenum, folate, manganese, protein, vitamin B1 and minerals like iron, magnesium, potassium, phosphorous and copper, which are highly beneficial to health.
  • The beans prove highly helpful in preventing heart diseases.
  •  Both the iron and copper present in the beans help in hemoglobin synthesis.