Homemade Mung Bean Sprouts / How to make sprouts at home

homemade mung bean sprouts

Sprouts have always been considered as nutritious food. They are excellent source of proteins, vitamins, enzymes, easy to digest and good for weight loss. Making  sprouts at home is very simple. All you need is casserole ( Hot box / Hot pack). If you learn the trick of making homemade mung bean sprouts, you will never buy them from store. There are two different method for making sprouts, one is using casserole, other one is using clean cotton cloth. You can make a lot of recipes with moong sprouts like stir fry, salads, adai, chaats and so on.  Follow this easy casserole method and make homemade moong beans sprouts often, eat healthy and stay good.

homemade mung bean sprouts

Ingredients for Homemade Mung Bean sprouts

Preparation Time : 2 days

  •   1.5 Cups of Green Moong Beans

Method for Homemade Mung Bean sprouts

homemade moong beans sprouts

  • Wash the beans in fresh tap water. Soak the green moong beans in water for overnight with lid closed.
  • Next day, drain the water completely before putting them in casserole.
  • Keep it covered and undisturbed for 10 hrs or overnight to sprout. You can find small sprouts coming out. If you like medium size sprouts, you can use it at this stage.
  • I love longer sprouts so I kept it for another 6 hrs just by sprinkling little water and I closed the lid. Do not disturb or toss.
  • Healthy moong beans are ready to eat or cook.


  • Always use good quality beans.
  • After sprouts formed, use it within one or two days.
  • You can make sprouts with any beans of your choice but time differs.

homemade mung bean sprouts

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