Microwave Dry Fruit Cake Recipe / Eggless Cake Recipe

Microwave Dry fruit cake Recipe

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Microwave Dry Fruit Cake Recipe / Eggless Cake Recipe is an easy, rich, eggless and no butter cake with lots of dry fruits in it. This eggless dry fruits cake can be made in less than few mins in microwave. Try this amazing 5 min cake, you will love it for sure.

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Microwave Dry Fruit Cake Recipe

Microwave Dry Fruit Cake Recipe / Eggless Cake Recipe
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Microwave Dry Fruit Cake Recipe / Eggless Cake Recipe is a easy, yummy eggless cake can be made in less than few mins in microwave.
Recipe type: baking
Cuisine: American

  • 1 Cup + 3 Tbsp of All Purpose Flour (Maida)
  • 4 Tbsp of Cooking Oil
  • ½ Tsp of Vanilla Essence
  • 4 Tbsp of Honey
  • ½ Cup of Sugar
  • ½ Cup of Dried Fruits ( Raisins, chopped dates, tutti frutti, dried cranberry)
  • Few Chopped Almonds
  • 2.5 Tbsp of Unsweetened Cocoa
  • ½ Tsp of Baking Soda
  • ½ Cup of Water
  • Pinch of Salt

  1. In a microwave bowl, add water and microwave it for 1 min.
  2. Add dry fruits to the boiled water and soak it for 5 mins.
  3. In the bowl, add all the dry ingredients – all purpose flour (maida), cocoa, baking soda and salt. Mix everything well.
  4. Add all the wet ingredients – oil, vanilla essence, honey, sugar to the soaked dry fruits mixture. Mix well till sugar dissolves.
  5. To that bowl, add all the dry ingredients. Mix it really well. Make sure the batter is thick.
  6. Grease the microwave safe bowl with oil and now pour the batter. Microwave it for 5 minutes.
  7. Allow it to cool completely. Keep the cake in fridge for 1 hour.
  8. Remove, invert the cake and slice it and serve.

If you bake the cake for long time than it required. It will turn hard and chewy.
Always pour the batter to half of the bowl. Otherwise the cake will rise and come out while baking.
Make sure the sugar is dissolved completely before microwaving.

eggless dry fruit cake recipe


The Best Eggless Pineapple Upside Down Cake Recipe

the best eggless pineapple upside down cake recipe

This is my long time wish to bake the best Eggless pineapple upside down cake recipe. Actually my friend birthday was last month, I know she loves pineapple so I baked this cake for her birthday. We invited her to our house and surprised her with this cake and gifts. She was so happy and excited, after she tasted the cake she said OMG, the cake was so good and delicious. I was on cloud nine. This pineapple cake is very simple to make, they are so soft and sweet, pineapple slices adds a nice texture, rich taste from butter and sweetness from condensed milk, so when you bite the cake, it justs melts in your mouth. If you are a pineapple lover, you should try this cake. This pineapple upside down cake is perfect for any special occasion.

I am not a big fan of Maraschino cherry. If you like, you can use that otherwise use any kind of cherries as per your taste.

I took this video with one hand on camera and my other hand was cooking..So sorry if the video was not clear.

How to make Eggless Pineapple upside down cake

Ingredients for Eggless Pineapple Upside Down Cake Recipe

Recipe Source: 4thsensecooking

Preparation Time : 25 mins  Cooking Time : 40 mins  Serves: 1  cake

  • Pineapple Slices
  • Cherries

For Caramel

  • 4 Tbsp of Brown Sugar
  • 2 Tbsp of Butter
  • 1 Tbsp of Water

For Cake

  • 1 Cup of All Purpose Flour
  • 1/2 Tsp of Baking Soda
  • 1 Tsp of Baking Powder
  • 6 Tbsp of Butter
  • 200 ml of Condensed Milk
  • 50 ml of Water
  • 100 ml of Milk
  • Few Pineapple pieces

Method for Pineapple Upside Down Cake Recipe

Caramel Preparation :

  • Heat the pan, add brown sugar and butter. Mix well until sugar caramelizes.  Stir it constantly until you get golden brown syrup.
  • Pour the syrup into a baking pan.
  • Drain the pineapple from the can and place it on top of the caramel. Arrange the cherries in between the pineapple slices.

To make pineapple cake

  • Preheat the oven to 350 F (180 C)
  • In a mixing bowl, add butter and condensed milk, beat well until smooth. To that add maida (APF), chopped pineapple, baking soda, baking powder, milk and water, stir well without any lumps.
  • Gently pour the batter over the pineapple slices.
  • Bake it for 35-40 mins. Check with tooth prick by inserting in the center. The cake is done if toothprick comes out clean.
  • Invert the cake onto your serving plate and allow it to cool before slicing.
  • Hot, yummy pineapple upside down cake is ready to serve.


  • Don’t over bake the cake, not more than 40 mins.
  • Don’t allow the cake in the baking pan not more than 15 mins, otherwise the caramel turns hard again.
  • You can use any cherry variety. Here I don’t get the variety of cherry that we get in Indian bakery shop.
  • You can limit the no of cherries, if you don’t like the taste.

condensed milk pineapple cake eggless



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Carrot Cake / Eggless Carrot Walnut Cake (No Butter)

Eggless carrot walnut cake

This is my favourite recipe to make eggless carrot walnut cake (no butter). Two weeks back was my MIL birthday, so I baked this beautiful, delicious carrot cake. To surprise my MIL, me and my husband baked this eggless carrot cake. The cake was awesome in taste, soft and moist in texture. Everyone in my family loved it after tasting the cake.

To make eggless carrot walnut cake recipe, you need carrots, flour, spices, oil, yogurt and sugar. I used brown sugar so It added moisture and it makes the cake spongy. I love to bake cake without eggs for that best egg replacer is yogurt. I already posted eggless vanilla cake with yogurt. Try this eggless carrot walnut no butter cake at home and let me know how you liked it.

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     How to make Eggless No Butter Carrot Walnut Cake

eggless carrot walnut cake

Ingredients for Carrot Cake / Eggless Carrot Walnut Cake

Reference : Renu Kitchen  Preparation Time & cooking Time : 1 hr  Serves : 3

  • 1/2 Cup of Whole Wheat Flour
  • 1/2 Cup of All Purpose Flour (maida)
  • 2 Large Carrots, Grated
  • 2/3 Cup of Brown Sugar
  • 1/2 Cup of Yogurt
  • 1/2 Cup of Canola Oil
  • Pinch of Nutmeg Powder
  • 1/4 Tsp of Cinnamon Powder
  • 1 Tsp of Vanilla Essence
  • 1 Tbsp of Milk
  • 1/2 Tsp of Baking Powder
  • 1/2 Tsp of Baking Soda
  • 1/4 Tsp of Salt
  • 1/4 Cup of Raisins
  • 1/2 Cup of Walnuts, Chopped

Method for Carrot Cake / Eggless Carrot Walnut Cake

  • Grate the carrots and set it aside.
  • Preheat the oven to 360º F or 182ºC .
  • Sieve maida, wheat flour with baking soda and baking powder in a bowl, set aside.
  • In another mixing bowl, add oil, milk, yogurt, salt, sugar. Mix well until sugar completely dissolves. Then add numeg powder, cinnamon powder, vanilla essence, give a quick stir.
  • Next fold in the grated carrots and wheat flour, maida mixture.
  • Whisk it well to form a smooth, creamy batter. The batter should be on thicker side. If your batter is dry, add few more tbsp of milk.
  • Throw in 1/4 Cup walnuts and raisin, stir well.  Meanwhile grease the baking circular pan with oil and maida. Pour the batter to the greased pan.  Sprinkle the remaining walnuts at the top. Bake it for 20- 25 mins or until the tooth prick inserted at the center comes out clean.
  • Let it cool on a baking pan for 1 hr before slicing.
  • Delicious, moist eggless carrot walnut cake are ready to serve.
  • Finally store it in an airtight container, it will stay good for 3 days in refrigerator.


  • You can use any cooking oil in place of canola oil.
  • Follow the same recipe to make carrot muffins or carrot cupcakes.
  • Always use thick yogurt to make this cake.
  • Increase or decrease the amount of sugar as per to your taste. For me 2/3 cup is sweet enough.
  • Original recipe calls for 1 cup of all purpose flour (maida) But I used 1/2 wheat flour and 1/2 maida.
  • Walnuts adds a nice crunch and taste. You can also replace with any types of nuts like pecans or brazil nuts or cashews.

eggless carrot walnut cake

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