Byron’s Maracaturra Coffee & The Smart Coffee App Review

Byron's Maracaturra Coffee
Guys, today I just wanted to post an interesting article on coffee. Coffee as we all know, is the second largest traded commodity in the world only next to petroleum. Coffee is a very luxurious beverage and is a powerful source of antioxidants. In fact 80% of Americans get their daily dose of antioxidants only from coffee. As the demands and tastes of today’s consumers evolve and mature, coffee harvest, roasting, tasting, varietal influences like Arabica, robusta, caturra, bourbon, geisha and methods of processing whether it is washed or natural processed, all play a tremendous significance in the taste of the end beverage called coffee.
With million varieties to choose from, today’s customer who is fairly new to this world of coffee can find choices available in current day market very overwhelming. So as an answer to this dilemma, I got introduced to this app called ” Smart Coffee”. The Smart Coffee App is a really neat little app for coffee lovers and new drinkers alike to deepen their experience with coffee and truly understand what goes into crafting a perfect cup of coffee.

Smart coffee app review

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About Smart Coffee

The Smart Coffee App is free to download and it is created by specialty coffee pioneer Paul Katzeff of the thanks giving coffee company and is designed to assist and introduce both new and old coffee drinkers to the amazing world of speciality coffee.

Smart app features

  • Smart Coffee: Find your perfect cup by selecting the flavor profile you prefer in coffee.
  • Coffee 101: Begin your journey to think and drink like a coffee professional.
  • Glossary: Learn coffee lingo that will deepen your understanding of coffee.
  • Picture Gallery: Browse photos from Paul Katzeff’s 40 year journey to find the finest coffees around the world.
  • Blending tool: Learn how to create your own custom blend at your market’s bulk coffee bin.
  • Blend Archive: Recall the blends that have been recommended to you via Smart Coffee.
  • Buy Now: Find ready-made or custom coffee blends from Thanksgiving Coffee that fit your exact flavor preferences.

How to use smart coffee app

Smart Coffee App is a tool that helps coffee lovers deepen their understanding of coffee, its flavors, and how to create their own blends customized to their specific taste preferences.
In addition to learning coffee in general, it helps you learn about processing , varietal influences, effects of roasting on the taste of coffee. It helps you choose and customize your order by a very educated approach. In my case, I like coffees with heavy, mellow and buttery mouthfeel , with berry like acidities and  with fruity, spicy and berry like flavors or you may like bright and lively mouthfeel, citrousy and bright acidity and smokey, earthy and nutty flavors. Whatever the taste might be , smart coffee  app helps your journey in fulfilling the search of the perfect cup,  a fun filled one. Smart Coffee app was certainly both entertaining and educative buying experience that made both the purchase and the consumption of coffee,a very rewarding experience.
The smart app recommended me Byron’ s Maracaturra natural from Nicaragua, based upon my customized needs. It is a rare heirloom coffee known as Maracaturra. Though the origin of the coffee are not known, they are thought to be naturally occurring cross between maragogipe( rare mutation of arabica)  and caturra, one of the original African arabica cultivars planted throughout Central America.
 Byron' s Maracaturra nicaragua coffee
I ground this Nicaraguan coffee using antique coffee grinder and I brewed this coffee as a pour over using Hario V60 and brewed using full immersion method using Eva solo and Aero press. Both were excellent. This coffee tasted really sweet, full of floral flavors and tasted like berries and fruity notes like those coffees from Ethiopia , though this was a Central American coffee. I think this could be due to the result of natural processing as supposed to washed processing .I am really impressed with both the coffee and a coffee app and amazed how well this works. The app suggestion are right in line with the coffee flavor and roast profiles I demanded and certainly a wonderful tool to help people on their journey to find the perfect cup of coffee.
smart coffee app review

 Smart coffee app video

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