Tomato Pulao Recipe ( Tomato Peas Pulao) – Lunch Box Recipe


         Tomato which are actually a fruit not a vegetable loaded with all kinds of health benefits for the body. This colorful &Tangy tomato peas pulao is a one part meal. Puree tomatoes and peas are sauted with spices and added to rice.It goes well with raita or potato fry or papad. It’s great to pack for lunch.

         1 Cup of Basmati Rice
         1 Big Red Onion, Finely Chopped
         6 Garlic Cloves
         2 Green Chillies
         6 Mint Leaves
         5 Cashews
         6 Soya Chunks
         1/4 Cup + 2 Tbsp of Green Peas
         5 Tbsp of Tomato Puree
         2 Tsp of Sambar Powder
         1/4 Tsp of Garam Masala
         1/4 Cup of Milk
         2 Tbsp of Water
         1 Sprig of Cilantro / Coriander Leaves , chopped
         Salt to taste     

    To Temper

          2 Tsp of Oil
          2 Tsp of Ghee(Clarified Butter)
          2 Cloves
          1 Medium Size Cinnamon
          1 Bay Leaf
          1 Tsp of Mustard         
          1/2 Tsp of Fennel Seeds
          5-6 Curry Leaves


    For the Rice – Pressure Cooker Method

  • Soak basmati rice for 1/2 hour. Wash the rice for 1 or 2 times and keep this aside.
  • Wash and chop the onion and slit the green chillies.
  • In a pressure cooker, add 1 cup of rice and 1.5 cups of water and cook it for 1 whistle. Turn off the flame.

    Preparing Soya Chunks

  • Cook soya chunks either in a pressure cooker or in stove top method, take a pan, add water, soya chunks and salt, boil it until it turns soft. Let it cool down for a min, squeeze water from soya chunks, wash it in tap water , squeeze it and then use it.

    To Make the Gravy

  • Heat a pan with ghee and oil, add all the ingredients listed under ” To Temper” list. After mustard and fennel seeds splutter, add onion, salt, garlic and green chillies, fry for 2 mins until it turns golden brown color.
  • Add mint leaves, cashews, soya chunks, peas and tomato puree, fry for 2 mins until raw smell vanishes.
  • Add sambhar powder, garam masala, fry well with veggies for a min.
  • Add milk and water, bring it to a boil and simmer it for 2 mins. Add chopped cilantro and turn off the flame.
  • After the gravy cooled down, add rice, mix well with gravy. Check the salt and add accordingly.
  • Tomato Peas pulao is ready.


    • Serve papad and raita or plain yogurt or any vegetable fry.
    • Use ginger garlic paste instead of garlic.
    • Use 3 medium size tomatoes instead of tomato puree.
    • Use coconut milk for flavor & rich taste.
    • If you don’t have sambar powder instead add 1 Tsp of coriander powder and 1 tsp of chilly powder.

            Health Benefits 


      •  Tomatoes are rich in vitamin A, C, K and Potassium.
      •  They are a natural cancer fighter.
      •  They are a good source of chromium which helps to regulate blood sugar.


      • Less in calories
      • Strong immune system and anti-aging properties.
      • Prevents Alzheimer’s, stomach cancer & wrinkles.