Onion tomato chutney is very easy to make. In this recipe, onion, tomato, red chillies and garlic are saute well with oil and finally tempering with oil, mustard and  urad dal. This chutney has got sweet, tangy and spicy taste because of roasted onions, tomato and red chillies. It goes well with idly or dosa or paniyaram or even use it as spread in sandwich.


    To Saute

          1 Large Red Onion
          1 Large Tomato
          3 Small Garlic Cloves
          2 Red Chillies
          2 Tsp of Oil
          Salt to taste

    To Temper

           2 Tsp of Gingelly oil
           1/2 Tsp of Mustard
           1/2 Tsp of Urad Dal
           Pinch of Asafoetida
           Few Curry Leaves


         Wash and roughly chop the onion and tomato.


  • Heat oil in a pan, add red chillies, saute for 1-2 mins until it turns dark black.
  • Add garlic cloves, saute for a min (Don’t burn it)
  • Add onion, saute for 1-2 mins until it turns golden brown color.
  • Add tomato, saute for 1-2 mins by adding salt. Once it done,switch off the stove. Let the mixture cool down for 5 mins.
  • In a blender, add onion-tomato mixture, blend until it turns to smooth paste.
  • Transfer it to a bowl.


  • Heat a pan with oil, add mustard and urad dal, after it splutters, add asafoetida and curry leaves, switch off the stove.
  • Transfer this tempering items to a bowl containing chutney (onion-tomato puree) 
  • Onion tomato chutney is ready to serve.


  • Serve this spicy and tangy chutney for idly or dosa or paniyaram
  • You can add green chilly for extra spicy taste.
  • You can add coconut to this recipe.

     Health Benefits of  onion and tomato

  • Onion are good source of vitamin C, B6, biotin, folic acid and dietary fiber.
  • It contains large amount of sulfur, are especially good for liver.
  • Good source of quercitin, a potent antioxidant.
  • Tomatoes are a good source of vitamin A, C and anti-oxidant.
  • Tomato juice are very good for eyes, hair and skin.