Makki Ki Roti / Corn Flour Chapathi


        Makki in Punjab stands for maize and Roti means Indian flat bread. This is a traditional North Indian Bread. It taste different from wheat chapathi. It is quite easy to prepare and nutritious. Best accompaniment for this roti is Sarson ka Saag(Mustard Greens Gravy)


       1/2 Cup of Corn Flour
       Pinch of Ajwain(Carom Seeds)
       2 Tbsp of Hot Water
       Salt as needed
       Butter/Ghee for frying


Chapathi Press
  •  Combine flour, ajwain and salt in a bowl. Mix well.
  •  Add hot water slowly, 1 tbsp at a time.
  •  Knead the flour into a dough. Dough to be soft not sticky.
  •  Divide the dough into equal balls.
  •  Take a ziploc bag/plastic bag, cut it open.
  •  Place it on your rolling surface.
  •  Wet the surface with oil/butter.
  •  Place the ball and press it gently with your hand ( I used chapathi press to flatten the balls)
  •  Carefully remove from the plastic bag and  place on a hot tawa/pan.
  •  You will see tiny bubbles rises on the surface of roti. 
  •  Now it’s time to flip the roti with a spatula. Once first flip is done, apply oil or ghee on the upper surface and spread all over the roti.
  •  Flip again in 30 secs and apply some oil. Press roti gently with a spatula and cook till brown spots appear on both the sides of the roti. 
  •  Hot Makki ki roti is ready to serve.


  •  Best combination for this roti is Sarson ka saag.
  •  You can use grated radish to the flour. Squeeze out excess water from the radish, otherwise it makes dough soggy.

 Health Benefits of Makki Ki Roti

  • Corn Flour is a gluten free food.
  • Rich in vitamin A , magnesium and iron


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